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​Estate Plan Questionnaire – This handy questionnaire is used to help you make the most of your time with our attorney. Go through it carefully before you estate planning consultation, use it to get an idea of the information the attorney will inquire about during your initial consult.

How Do You Know If You Need An Estate Plan – Try this informative quiz to assess your estate planning needs.

Baby-sitter Release Form – Complete This Form and Submit. You will receive a legally sound PDF of your Babysitter/Caregiver Medical Treatment Authorization tailored to meet your childcare needs within 48 hours of your submission and payment. If you need your form earlier, Please contact us at

Payment can be safely remitted through our MyCase program. You will gain access to this system after your form is submitted.

Babysitter/Caregiver Medical Treatment Authorization: $150 The custom document may be reprinted for your convenience.

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The Babysitter/Caregiver Medical Treatment Authorization will be emailed to the email address provided in the Babysitter Release form above 48 hours after receipt of both the Babysitter Release Form and payment to Keo’vonne Wilson Legal, PLLC.

Please fill out one form per minor.

Disclaimer: The creation of Babysitter/Caregiver Medical Treatment Authorization creates a relationship limited in scope to the completion of the document only. The creation of the authorization does not create an attorney-client relationship beyond that scope. Submission of the form without payment does not create any attorney-client relationship. Keo’vonne Wilson Legal, PLLC will not commence any work, nor enter into any attorney-client relationship with any parties who submit a form absent the accompanying required payment.

Babysitter/Caregiver Medical Authorizations are included in all of our estate planning packages at no additional charge. Call today for more information about our estate planning packages.

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